Lathe Ward's Portfolio

Hey, my name's Lathe.

(Software Developer)

My name is Lathe Ward and I am a Mainframe/Fullstack developer for Three Rivers Planning and Development. My hometown is Pontotoc, MS, and I love to make music in my spare time. I have worked with companies such as Renasant bank and have worked on many different projects during my time at Base Camp Coding Academy.

Let's make something great!

My Skills








People I've worked with

Three Rivers Planning and Development District

(Java/Mainframe Developer, Current Position)

Renasant Bank

(Week long internship)

Catamount Percussion

(Audio Tech, 2019-2020)

South Pontotoc Marching Band

(Audio Tech, 2017-2020)

A few of my projects

Blackjack (Python)

Python game that was my first unit project and my first exposure to code

Cand Bamp (Django)

Clone of the popular streaming/social media platform Band Camp

Quizzer (Python)

Python quiz maker, was my 2nd unit project 8 weeks into learning Python

Band Page (HTML/CSS)

Small static portal leading to my band's different music media

Python doc (HTML/CSS)

Small mock documentation page on python using HTML/CSS


Javascript Retro Gameboy styled game

If we can dream it, we can build it.

EMAIL: | Github: | Linkedin: LatheWard